EOTW: Beat Shoulder Fatigue When Passing The Puck

You don’t spend a lot of time passing the puck in a game, but being great at handling the puck certainly increases your versatility. You do have time for practicing your stickhandling and passing in practice (or you should), so let’s make sure you can do that without fatigue affecting your precision.

NOTE: I am trying to work muscles in a position that will elicit a similar fatigue. I am not trying to teach a technique for passing – I want you to rely on your goalie coach like that. So if you use a different position with your glove hand on the stick for example, you can feel free to work that into this drill.

Here’s How To Do The Resisted Pass

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  • For this off-ice goalie drill use either an adjustable cable column or a resistance band set up at about shoulder height.
  • Adjust the weight to a moderate-light weight (15-30lbs)
  • Hold the cable or resistance band in your blocker hand (although it is a good idea to do this drill on both sides)
  • Position your glove-hand as you would lower on the stick
  • As you push with your glove hand, pull with your blocker hand; keep the elbow relatively high
  • You should feel a fatigue in the shoulder of the top-hand-side as you complete your sets.
  • Do 3 sets of 15 reps

When To Use It

This will make a nice supplemental exercise for your off-ice goalie training, so instead of going to hang out at the water fountain after finishing your set of Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats, you can work on this exercise, letting your legs get a rest and building some strength and stamina in your shoulders.

Do Not…

Use this technique when working on your actual puck handling. You do not want to use extra resistance when you are working on precision skills, it will throw off your touch. Like when basketball players used to practice free throws with a heavy ball – – bad idea!