EOTW: Agility + Hand Eye For Goalies


This EOTW will make a great addition to your off-ice goalie training.  It is a drill that combines agility training with hand-eye coordination – sounds just like what you need doesn’t it?

Think of the first time you used an agility ladder.

You had to think about it didn’t you? Especially when leading with your non-dominant foot.

But now you are an old pro – you can zip through that thing using a variety of patterns and you are flawless. So enjoy that, because we are about to make it much harder.

We will start with your In-In-Out-Out pattern. Remember to stay low in your legs, like you do (or you are supposed to do) when you are on the ice.

Now It Gets Challenging…

Now, you are going to take your glove hand and move it diagonally from your ready position to an outstretched glove save position. Repeat that pattern, in and out as you do your ladder drill.

Your training partner will throw you a tennis, lacrosse, squash ball – whatever. You will catch it and pass it back.

If you cannot see the video above, just click on the link below

Once you get the hang of the drill, your partner is going to try to throw the ball where your hand is not so you have to react with your glove hand to make the save when it is already moving – just like an agility drill for your glove.

Enjoy – guaranteed you will be frustrated to the point of cursing at least once – but that just means you are challenging yourself – expanding your envelope (just make sure no kids are around to hear you).