Drop this exercise from your upper body workout.

Stop Doing This Upper Body Exercise For Hockey Training

When creating an exercise program there are thousands of permutations and combinations of exercises, sets, reps, etc.  I tend to classify exercises into ‘Dangerous – Good – Better – Best’.

To me an exercise ends up in the ‘Best’ column if it gives a player huge bang for their buck – like single leg squats for example.

Bench Press lands in the ‘Good’ column for me and the only reason we ever do it is because some of the players we work with will get tested in the bench press at training camp.  So to be clear, we don’t do bench press because it helps them play better hockey.  We bench press because it will make them look better for the test.  Even with that, we probably bench press less than 10-times during the off-season.

We use more of the Big Bang horizontal pushing exercises, which give you a strong bench press even without directly training it because the big bang exercises build more stability and control.

So if you are still benching the lights out a couple days per week – try subbing in one of these four alternatives for a couple of weeks and you will be surprised to see that you your pushing strength on the ice actually goes up.

The Options (How To Video)…

If you cannot see the video above, simply click on the link below http://youtu.be/LE3G9VfQ8Cg

TRX Push Up & Reach

  • This one challenges your torso and shoulder stability along with your pushing strength.   Start with 2-3 sets of 4 on each side.  Go slowly.

Staggered Stance Cable Press

  • Anytime you can get in a standing position and exert force you are working in a more functional position for actual puck battles on the ice.  Start with 2-3 sets of 4-6 with each foot forward.  Maintain a stable torso.  If you are pressing with your right arm, have your left foot forward.

Push Up To Stabilize On MB

  • Go easy with this one to start, it is much harder than it looks.  Big time demand on shoulder stability with this variation.  Start with 2-3 sets of 4 on each side. Hold the stabilization for 2-3s.

SA Incline DB Press

  • Keep your feet close together and increase the stabilization at your torso.  Start with 2-3 sets of 6-8 on each side.


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