Do you even Bench?

We use this staple so infrequently that I didn’t even have a video of it!

But let me tell you a story and it might be a little too late for you this season, but it can be a lesson for next year.

I had a DM from a goalie who does not train with me in the Turning Pro Coaching program and they are not in the Shutout Academy (yet 😉 ).  He spent all summer doing what he thought was right, avoiding lifting heavy weights because he didn’t want to lose his flexibility and get bulky.

Makes total sense right?

You look at those bodybuilders who lift weights all day in the gym and they are all bound up with muscle and that is NOT what you want as a goalie, so you draw the conclusion that you better not lift a lot of weights OR that you can use weights, but just keep high reps for everything like 12 or more reps.

Anyway, to make a long story short, he was diligent with his training all summer (working hard on the wrong things) and then he showed up to training camp for a new team that admittedly was a full level above where he had played last season and what did they do for testing?

Bench Press – bombed it

Chin Ups – he did great in these

Squats – bombed it

… and a few other things including a standing long jump and the old mile run – ugh 🙁

Okay, not the end of the world that he bombed these tests, but in a situation like this, especially with a new team where no one knows you, they automatically think you are ‘out of shape’ or you didn’t do your training over the summer.

Plus, because he had not been lifting any heavy loads over the summer, then jumped on the bench to squeak out his max reps at 155lbs (which wasn’t many) with adrenaline pumping, in front of the entire team (or it felt like everyone was watching) and how do you think he felt the next morning?

His pecs and the front of his shoulders was so sore, he said he could hardly pull his chesty on over his head.  Whether it truly affected his performance or just messed with his mind, he did not perform great on the ice.  He did not make the team.

I’m not saying to Bench all the time; if you are a high school goalie, you probably already do that anyway 😉  But you should be familiar with the proper form, so here’s how to do it without destroying your shoulders…

I don’t have the time to go into the whole program design and proper rep range for your goalie off-ice training.  If you think there is one rep range that is right, then the good news is that you can make HUGE gains once you start following a proper periodized training program the way pro hockey players do.  But let me just deliver this news flash… bodybuilders build their physiques using higher reps, not by lifting heavy for lower reps.  They might also use some pharmaceuticals… just sayin’.

Anyway, I sprinkle the bench press into workouts about once every 4 phases just so you can keep a touch point on it… and because most of you like it. Yer welcome!

Catch you later!

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