Do These 3 Things Starting Today To Save Your Season

If you missed it, yesterday we talked about what to do if you have been a little delinquent in your off-season training so far. Don’t sweat it, you are not alone, but if you missed it yesterday go back and read the three things you absolutely must NOT do if that is the case.

Now, let me hit you with the three things you MUST do starting today. I kept these straight forward so anyone, anywhere can do these three things starting today.

1) Get your hips right. When I say “right” I mean find neutral pelvis. If you have no idea what it is, then you better watch the entire video. If you have a ‘hockey player butt’ or have ever had your goalie coach tell you to keep your hips forward, then again, you better watch this video

It might seem simple, but it is actually tough to find and even harder to learn to use. The benefit is that working from neutral pelvis actually unlocks hip mobility (without doing any more stretching) and let’s you use your core strength (without doing crunches)

2) Get on the ball – the lacrosse ball (or tennis ball or hockey ball or golf ball or cricket ball – please do not email me to tell me you cannot do this because you don’t have a ball) that is.

You can stretch all you want, but if you want some rapid gains in mobility, then get on the ball and spend 30-60 seconds on each of these.

3) Start training multi-directional stamina. This is a basic drill, not quite as ‘goalie specific’ as some, but again, I want anyone anywhere to be able to do this starting TODAY.

Here’s what you are going to do…
Measure out 25 yards – if you don’t have a measuring tape, take 25 big steps and call that close enough.
• Run there and back 4 times (50 yards per round trip x 4 = 200yds). Make sure you use both legs to decelerate by bending your hips, knees and ankles, then     explode out of the change of direction to get back up to speed.
• Record your time for each shuttle; your goal time is under 40 seconds.
Rest for 2-minutes between each shuttle. Do a total of 6 reps.
• Do this a max of three times per week.
WARNING: if you have not sprinted since high school or running it hard on your hips, knees and ankles, then DO NOT DO THIS – you will hurt yourself!

So there it is – that is what you should start with right now.

You might be thinking, this isn’t goalie specific, there is not standing on a stability ball while juggling hockey sticks. You are right, there are more specific drills you can do – but those more advanced workouts require a more detailed training plan and progression,  which you can get too if you really need to make an impact this season.

Look, you are going to make an impression this season one way or the other. You are either going to leave your teammates and coaches thinking “What did he/she do this off-season – WOW!” or “Yeah, they are okay”.

The choice is yours, you can take action and start making that vision you created yesterday a reality or you can choose to stay right where you are and be the same goalie in 4-weeks that you are right now.

You know what is most important to you, I just give you the tools and the option to be better.


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