Do Massage Guns Improve Hockey Goalie Flexibility?

There are A LOT of gimmicks out there.  It is honestly one of the most frustrating parts of my job as a goalie strength and conditioning coach – a lot of you want to find the quick fix or trick that will be the difference maker rather than just working hard on the right things consistently.

When Massage Guns trickled down to the consumer market, I started getting a lot of questions or anecdotal stories from goalies about their benefits.

So, in order to better serve you, I did some research on the impact of vibration on the motor system and used my allowance to buy a consumer model myself to test out so I could deliver the straight goods on whether massage guns improve hockey goalie flexibility.

… and here’s what I found…

I don’t get any $$ from this company, they did not pay me to do this review, I paid for the Massage Gun myself, but because I know you will ask, his is the exact version I reviewed in the video – Massage Gun