Daily Ice Hockey Goalie Workout

Super fast, yet effective. This workout isn’t for those of you who want to be the best of the best, and whose top priority is perfecting their goaltending, BUT, I have something for those high achievers at the end of this video, too. This workout is more for goalies who want to set themselves up for success on the ice, reduce their risk of injury, and have some fun. It is a workout that you can do daily.

Here is what we covered in this workout:

A) Push Up + Stabilize x 4ea (2012)

A1) Reverse Lunge To Balance x 6ea (2012)

A2) Side Plank + Clamshell x 8ea (2011)

REPEAT for 2 sets

B) Knee Recovery Vertical Pop x 4ea (Expl)

B1) Tall Kneeling Isometric Hip IR x 5 (5s hold)

REPEAT for 2 sets

C) Single Knee Balance x 45s each – just one set


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