Core Exercise For Hockey Training (it destroyed the wall)

So we used this drill (and our MB Rotary Pass) so much that we literally destroyed a wall in the RevCon gym – – you will notice that we have gone to a concrete block wall in the newest videos.  Our guys were just getting too strong!

I like this one for off-ice hockey training – goalies or skaters will benefit – just don’t do it on drywall 😉

I like the way you need to stabilize your torso with your arms over your head.  Raising your arms over your head makes a longer lever, which means more torque on your torso, which means you have to work harder with your core muscles to stabilize.

You have to control within a fine window so it is a precise control.

Here’s how to do your 1/2 Kneeling Overhead Med Ball Pass…

Start with 10 reps, build up to 15 reps.  Start with a 4-6lbs med ball and start a little slowly so you can learn how to control your core and get the form down.

Once you are stabilizing properly, then you will throw the ball as hard and as fast as you can.  Make sure you always start a little easy and get a sense of how the ball is going to bounce – – otherwise you might end up taking one off your beak!  Seriously, it happens.  Different med balls will rebound at a different rate, etc. so always test it out.


PS –  I have the Penguins and San Jose moving to the Cup Final – – do you think I am on track with that?