Complete Strength Workout For Goalies | In Season

Complete strength workout for goalies to use in season. During the hockey season your off ice strength training should focus on your strength and explosive speed, while keeping your hips strong and stable so your team can count on you as their starter.

A) RFE Split Squat 2-3 x 4ea (2111) A1) Goblet Alternate Lunge Lateral 2-3x3ea (X0X0)

A2) Tall Kneeling SA Press 2-3 x 8ea (2112)

B) Tall Kneeling SA Row 2-3 x 8ea (2112)

B1) Rotary Core 2x 6ea (X1X1)

C) Half Kneeling Reverse Crease Push 2x8ea (2011)

C1) Standing Hip Circles (adduction emphasis) 2x6ea (each way)

Happy Training,

Coach M


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