Coming back from injuries – Goalie Training Q&A – 04.06.2023

Welcome to the April 6th Goalie Training Q&A edition with Maria! Give a look to get some information on topics such as:  hockey goalie training for youth goalies, skill self assessment, goalie mobility and off season goalie training.  Also, don’t forget to look at the information for the International Hockey Performance Summit at:  IHPS 2023 – Reconditioning HQ the weekend of June 9-11 in Whitby, Ontario.

Take a look below at what was covered:

2:27 – Still can’t protect that 5-hole?  See what Maria has to say about your hip internal rotation

5:25 – Should you do static or active stretches for your off-season/off-ice sessions?

6:14 – See what Maria says on whether you’re ready to hit the ice after coming back from a groin strain.

9:00 – What do you recommend for off season workouts this summer?  See Strategic Mobility for Goalies

10:08 – Should you combine yoga with the butterfly challenge?

11:28 – What can a goalie to do make the team at the next level?  See a few things Maria recommends here!

How Hockey Goalies Get a Better Glove Hand

– Books on Mental Toughness (i.e. The Power Within)

15:40 – A reminder that Maria is presenting at the International Hockey Performance Summit.  Great way to meet some of the best strength coaches out there!

18:45 – Will there be any camps for younger kids?

19:20 – Check out improvements Maria suggests if you’re only getting your heel to dig in to push in your butterfly

22:58 – Where can you get the ball used in the How Hockey Goalies Get a Better Glove Hand?

23:33 – Shuffling in crease feels like skates are catching/tripping me.  Maria has some recommendations and it’s not buying new blades!

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP team