Chest, Triceps, Core, Hips – do this one ANYWHERE.

The new bodyweight core exercise for hockey players that I put out last week got a great response last week and I think that was for two reasons…

Reason #1 – it was AWESOME!

Reason #2 – it was bodyweight so you could try it no matter where you were

Hey, I know how it is – it’s summer and for everyone except farmers and hockey strength and conditioning specialists like me it is fun time.

Time for a little holiday to the cottage (or the “Camp” if you are from up north), the beach, camping, fishing or even Grama’s house; that’s GREAT…for you 🙂

Now, being on ‘holiday’ is not an excuse for stopping your workouts. You still need to keep up, so with that in mind, here is a good upper body exercise that makes you use your torso (core) and hips at the same time.

Go Slow Then Fast

As you sit back in your hips, go slowly (about 3 seconds).

As you drive back up to the push up position, go quickly (about 1 second or less) – as long as you can control it.

See what I mean…

If you cannot see the video above, just click on the link below…

You will do 8-12 reps.

Wanna Make It Harder?

I can make it harder, but you better be doing 12 perfect reps before you even think of making it harder, otherwise you are just teaching your body compensation patterns.

You will not be aware that you are doing that…until something goes “toiiing!!!” without any warning in a month or two.

But if you are truly doing perfect reps and it is too easy for you, then keep just one foot on the floor – so you will not do 6 with your right foot on the floor and 6 with your left foot on the floor.

How does that sound?

Okay – off to train our Master’s group. You think you are busy?

These are our adult athletes who have full time jobs, kids to shuttle around, parents they need to look after and lots of other things going on – – but they are still going to be joining me at RevCon at 6am, so they get their workout finished by 7am and then get to work on time.

They are making the time for their priorities.


The off-ice program for busy goalies who don't have much time to train.

The off-ice program for busy goalies who don’t have much time to train.