Case Study: How a Jr. B goalie goes from a 3.71 GAA to 2.00 in one season

I got this email from Andrew a couple weeks ago and I was so pleased for him.  You know I take my job seriously, which means sharing in your successes and your frustrations – the successes are WAY more fun.

Here’s what he said…

Hey Maria, 
I was one of your UGT VIP 3.0 clients last summer.  I followed the program to a “T” and wanted to let you know how the season has progressed. 
Last season, I played Jr. B in St. Marys and was traded at the deadline to Sarnia.  I was named a Jr. B All-Star and had a save % in the .910 range and a GAA of about 3.70.  After the summer of my life coming into my overage season, I felt really prepared to make the jump to Jr. A (I knew in July I would be going to Georgetown).   Between great strides from your program and my on-ice goalie instructor, I could feel myself getting better.  Some highlights of the year have included… 
-December Jr. A CJHL (national)  1st star of the month 
-January OJHL goalie of the month 
-September OJHL goalie of the month runner 
-Semi-international experience (played exhibition game for Team OJHL against Team Czech at World Jr. A Challenge) 
-Eastern Canada Cup Invitee 
-OJHL 2nd team all-star 
-G.AA of 2.00 
-Save% of .934 
-28-8-3-1 record with 4 shutouts 
-2nd most minutes played in the leaguge 
-Team won OJHL South-West conference regular season title 
…and, most importantly, through Round 1 in 5 games and looking forward to Round 2. 
The thing that honestly has me most excited is the fact that I feel like I am just scratching the surface.  The statistical jump can be primarily explained by summer training and I can’t wait to see results in the coming years.   I know there are new levels I can take my game to.  I know there is a heck of a lot more work to be done, but I can’t wait to get training again! 
Okay, that last part was a lie,  I really want to have to wait another few months after a good long playoff run! Lol.  I know you say you have a goal to help a whole lot of goalies (I think you say 10,000), and wanted to let you know how your program has helped me. 

Pretty nice isn’t it.  Here are the two things that stood out to me…

  1. He followed the program to a “T” – he didn’t mess with the formula, he followed the proven system
  1. He understands that he is just scratching the surface, that he still has lots of room for improvement (and lots more work to do)

He ‘gets it’.  It is about putting in the effort day after day, whether you feel like it or not.  It is about taking that first step.  Then looking around and finding the next step – up, up, up.

Here was my reply to Andrew… 

Wow!!! Andrew – good for you man!! This is awesome.   

Thank you for letting me know – I hope you are proud of yourself and you remember all those times you didn’t really “feel” like doing your workout, but you did it.  The times when your friends were going to the beach or a movie and you had to do your workout first – – this is why you had such success and it is why you will continue to have success while other guys plateau. 

I am proud of you! 

All the very best of luck in round 2 – I know you don’t need it, but it never hurts 🙂 

Let me know how it goes and let me know what I can do to help.  

As I suspected, Andrew found success because he was committed.  Here’s what he said about it…

I certainly can remember the mornings before work that I wasn’t totally motivated to go to the gym or track, but I felt committed to the program (and results!) and found a way to get the workout done.  

It is all within you right now.  You just need to decide if you are going to let your actions speak louder than your words.  If you are going to let your desire for success outweigh your fear of failure. 

I was going to say that I don’t care if you use my program (the same program Andrew used), but that is not true – – I do want you to use my program, because I know it works, it has a proven track record, you just need to follow the training plan, you just need to put in the effort and you will succeed.

I don’t want you wasting your time, trying to put together your own workout, doing a program you bought off the TV that isn’t goalie specific or doing CrossFit style workouts that will improve your fitness for sure, but again, not give you the lateral speed or the extreme mobility and muscle control you need to be a goalie. 

But…even if you decide to try your own training program, remember the key ingredients, follow a proven system and commit to it!


If you want to follow the same program as Andrew – get it HERE.