Can’t feel it until it is fixed (personal story)

You don’t even know it’s broken until it is fixed.

Think of the last time you upgraded your pads or skates.  The ones you had were good, you liked them, but you were just ready for some news ones… and then you strapped them on and WHOA!

You couldn’t believe the difference.  It’s like EVERYTHING all of a sudden feels easier.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I waded into the world of PRI.

Let’s back up a little bit to what led me to that clinic in Windsor, ON.

Stretching was not enough

It was 2015 and after over 10 years of helping goalies stop more pucks with fewer injuries, I was running into a roadblock when it came to maximizing mobility where it counts… on the ice.

I knew that self myofascial release (foam roll, lacrosse ball stuff) and stretching were not enough.  So I started digging deeper, I went to one of the smartest strength coaches I know, my friend Kevin Neeld (Boston Bruins Strength Coach) to see what was working for him.

He’s the guy who introduced me to the world of PRI.

So, I plunked down my $$ and headed off to see what this was all about.

I am a skeptic

I am a skeptic by nature.  Things have to make sense from an anatomy and biomechanical perspective.  The techniques need to make sense from a muscle action perspective and the results need to be tangible.

I explained the philosophy behind PRI in THIS VIDEO if you haven’t watched it yet, then make sure you check it out now before you read on.

So, the philosophy seemed a little woo-woo to me.  Not completely, but a little woo-woo.

Then we got to applying the techniques that were supposed to release hip mobility without really “fixing” anything, just reprogramming movement patterns to counteract the asymmetries. 

Before applying the techniques (I will show you them in a second) I did a little walk back and forth through the clinic about 2-3 times.  I was just taking a snapshot of how my gait felt.

And really, my gait felt fine. 

I didn’t feel tight anywhere. 

I certainly didn’t have pain.

It all felt good.

Then I did these two techniques…

… and then I did the re-test.

And it felt GOOD!

Not that I could all of a sudden do the full splits, but my gait felt smooth as butter.  There was no more thump… thump… thump across the floor.

My legs felt like they could swing freely from the hip joint, it just felt like someone had squirted lube in there.

You give it a try and see how it feels. 

These two drills got a lot of attention from the pro goalies I worked with this past summer.  They were like me at first… “ho hum… another hip stretch” and then we did the retest and they were like “WHOA… that’s feels different”

You give them a try to because stretching is not enough to give you goalie mobility.  It can make you more flexible, but it won’t maximize your mobility on the ice.

If you want to have hips that move the way you need them to move, so you have a wider butterfly flare a better RVH that doesn’t make your knee and ankle feel like it they are going to explode, then here is your complete mobility solution >>  

Now get out there and stop more pucks darlings!