Can I Even Stop A Single Puck?

Let’s get this straight – I am not a goalie.

Well, I sort of am I guess.

But, I am NOT a goalie coach – I am not trying to give you a “how to” video here.  Maybe a “how not to” video.

Here’s the backstory.

I am a goalie – I have a goalie’s soul.  When I grew up there was no girl’s hockey in my hometown; and that was LONG before girls were allowed to play boys’ hockey (it wasn’t even something you would think of).  But there WAS road hockey – everyday after school until 6:30pm when we had to go home for supper.

I was always one of the two goalies.  I would be Ken Dryden in that itchy wool jersey my Yia Yia bought me from Canadian Tire.

Flash forward about 35 years… when I decided it might be a great idea to get out on the real ice and stop some pucks.  My primary motivation was to gain a better understanding of what you guys and gals need to do out there – what does it feel like, what is that one little muscle that gets tied up into such a knot that you can barely move and how can I help you train off the ice to make those things easier on the ice.

But from the moment I stepped out (stumbled out) onto the ice in my used gear… I was Dryden out there again.  I had re-discovered an old love.

So now I am not only trying to help you get better… I want to be better, I want to give my team a chance to win every game (even if they don’t deserve the win) and I want to be able to continue playing for the next 20-years or more.

I have been on the ice for about 3-years, but only playing Sunday hockey with a group of friends (some of them are really good, some of them are just learning like I am).  That was it – one time per week on the ice for a game.

This year, I want to get better – a lot better.  So I am taking action:

  • I am at stick and puck taking clappers off my facemask
  • I’ve had 6-lessons
  • I rent extra ice to go out and practice
  • I am following the Shutout Academy program religiously
  • I am studying the position and the strategy.

I am FAR from there, but there is improvement, so here is some footage from this past Sunday’s skate.  I know I am too deep in my net – I will work on that 🙂

Have a look if you wish and feel free to leave a comment below with your ONE best piece of advice. Always looking for ways to get #OneDayBetter


PS – if you believe you have the potential to play at least 2-levels higher than were you are playing right now – maybe that it AAA, Adult League B division, NCAA, CHL, USHL, ECHL, AHL or NHL – – whatever it is for YOU.  If you believe you have that potential and you know that it will take work to develop that potential to it’s fullest, then you will want to keep an eye on your inbox (or @goalietraining on Instagram) for a link to the application form for the Turning Pro Coaching program – this is the elite program where I custom design all your off-ice training to suit your needs.  The program is entirely delivered online, so you can live anywhere in the world.  You must be over 14 years of age (and “Yes” it is fine if you are a BABL – bad @ss beer leaguer).  I will open the program to applications next FRIDAY.