Can goalies get bigger AND better?

Fact or Fiction: Goalies should only do bodyweight exercises so they don’t get bulky.

I hear it all the time … from some very good goalies and from some very good coaches, but it simply is not true.  And it is not their fault – – this used to be the way it was done. 

Back in the day when you saw people lifting weights in magazines they looked like muscle bound body-builders.  That was the fashion 30-years ago.

But now we know better.

With modern strength and conditioning methods (what is often called Functional Training) we can build strong, lean, powerful goalies.

So let’s get to the question:  Can goalies get bigger AND better?

The answer is a resounding “YES”… with this qualifier… If you do it properly.

You need to follow the right training program and that means using the right exercises, with the right volume of sets and reps, with the right periodization model to maximize progressions and transferability onto the ice.

You can’t follow a body-building style program and see maximum gains on the ice.  That is a #TRUTH

So if any of this looks familiar, you should keep reading:

·      Chest Day

·      Leg Day

·      Back Day

·      Arms Day

·      Abs Day

·      Leg Press, Knee Extensions, Hamstring Curl machine, Calf machine… you get the idea

Here’s how you add muscle AND get better on the ice

STEP 1:  You start with a good periodization plan that builds your athletic attributes from phase to phase.  There are different models you can use but in general you progress from a foundation phase focused on mobility and stability (you will still lift weights, but you will do it in a specific way to address these attributes).

STEP 2: From there you will increase the load and volume and this is an idea time to add lean mass.  Here’s the key point:  If you are adding that lean mass using exercise patterns that build strength in the big functional patterns with an element of stabilization vs. training on machines that require no stabilization (think: Sumo Squats, Squat Lateral, Push Up To Stabilize, SA Cable Press, Chin Ups, Contra DB Row, etc), you will build useful muscle mass.

I think of it as the difference between building strong smart muscles vs. building big dumb muscles.

We will even use exercises like Cable Pec Fly, but we do one arm at a time from different stance positions (tall kneeling, half kneeling, staggered stance, neutral stance, etc) to incorporate an element of torso and hip stability.

STEP 3: Establish a good functional mobility workout; notice I didn’t call it a ‘stretching program’ because it is much more than that (that’s a topic for another article).  Just take this away, it isn’t all about stretching muscles, it is about building mobility patterns where you are flexible, but also strong and stable on the ice.

If you follow those three steps, then you can easily add 8-15lbs of lean mass while getting faster and more mobile on the ice!

Go get it!



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