But I Just Want To Get Big…

I know you just want to get jacked.

I have been in this profession for over 20 years…I know that 72% of you workout because you think it will help you on the ice, but really you just want to get huge.

That’s why you do back squats or use the leg press as your go-to compound leg exercise because when you try front squats or single leg squats and have to use a lighter weight to get the technique right – – and THAT is not going to make you jacked (or so you think).

I also know that is why most of you will use poor technique just so you can lift more. Again, thinking that lifting heavy is the key to getting big.

I agree 100% that you have to lift heavy for specific exercises once your technique is perfect; hex bar deadlift comes to mind.

I agree that adding some muscle mass can be really helpful, as long as it is useful mass and not just bulk that will weight you down.

At the start of the off-season, one of my Turning Pro coaching clients told me “I really just want to get bigger this summer, that is all I want to focus on”.

Actually more than one of those Turning Pro coaching clients said that to me, but this one guy stands out to me today.

I explained to him that my job wasn’t to train him like a body builder.

My job wasn’t to make him look good in the dressing room.

My job WAS to help him stop more pucks and take advantage of the huge opportunity he has waiting for him this season as he takes a huge step up to the next level.

I told him that if he shared that desire to maximize his performance as a goalie, then we were good. If on the other hand, he valued his appearance above his performance, then we had a problem and he would have to look elsewhere for a strength coach who was willing to take his money and help him work hard on the wrong things.

Thankfully he agreed that stopping pucks was the priority and he has been a poster-boy all summer, keeping up with his workouts faithfully and sneaking in some bonus body-builder workouts that I give him as a treat.

Then about 10-days ago I got this message from him…

“I also wanted to let you know that the program probably saved me from a pulled groin the other day. I was on the ice and got into a collision and my leg went up and back into a position that was very awkward. I thought for sure something was going to go south but everything ended up ok. So thank you.”

I am pretty sure his bodybuilding muscles would not have saved him from that disaster.

So here is my point – – you make hundreds of little decisions every single day. You can make a lot of those decisions a no-brainer by asking yourself this one question.

“Will this help me achieve my goals and live my dreams?”

Let the answer guide your behaviour.

And then you can sneak in some bodybuilder workouts – – here is one I posted for our Elite HockeyStrong group to work after they finished their hockey workout AND their stamina session – they could stay late and build some beach muscles as a treat.

Stay true to the path.


PS – if you missed it, here’s what to do if your off-season training has not gone according to plan (or you haven’t really started yet).