Hockey Training Talks: Brian Sipotz – hand-eye coordination drills

No, I am not on my knees in that picture – Brian really is THAT tall.  And all this time I thought I was a monster, but I actually feel short standing next to him 🙂

[that’s a joke, in fact when I meet people who know me from they usually say… “I thought you would be bigger” – – – ummmmm – okay]

Anyway, we weren’t comparing heights, Brian Sippotz of and the owner of Advantage Strength & Conditioning in Ann Arbor, Michigan was showing me some new hand-eye coordination drills and games that I think are amazing for you.  With these drills there is a true unpredictability where you have to use your hands (and sometimes your body) to make the right response.

Here are a few…

We also chatted about some other stuff that you should check out – – like how to grow to be 17 feet tall 😉 – – not really.

Have a great one! Enjoy.