Blocking Drills for Hockey Goalies (off-ice training)

Blocking Drills for hockey goalies

Squeezing one more full length goalie training video in before the end of the decade.

You know when you are in basically in the right spot, but the puck still squeezes in?

You might be a little off balance, maybe you drop into your butterfly and one knee always lands ahead of the other or maybe you didn’t quite have your stick sealing to the post.  Take your pick.

THAT’s what this video helps you with today.  I am giving you off-ice training strategies that help you seal up some of those holes and break those habits through deliberate practice.

I didn’t know what to really call that, so I just called it “blocking drills” for goalies.

You will see what I mean.

Okay, that’s it for 2019.  I will catch you in the next decade.  I have some pretty big things coming for the new year… I’ll tell you more about them later in January.

See you next year!


PS – I’ll also tell you about my new chesty in the new year – it’s BIG!!