Best way for goalies to prepare for the next workout, practice, game

I know what you all want from your off-ice goalie training… you want a wide butterfly flare and you want to be able to do the splits like an NHL goalie – specifically Jonathan Quick I know, I know.

But I also know what you need from your goalie specific training and sometimes you don’t get as excited about it as I do… it hurts my feelings (ha ha – not really… okay sort of ? ) 

When I go to elite goalie camps where the goaltenders are already a little set in their ways, where they already have an idea of ‘what they need’, things can get a little dicey when I try to give them a good dose of what they really need to perform at an elite level.

I have to earn their attention and they vote with their participation.

So when I told the goalies at several training camps last off-season that I wanted them to hustle out to the turf, concourse or front grassy space as soon as they could when they got off the ice, I got a lot of that blank “um… I guess so” look the first day.

What was the emergency out there?  Nothing those of you who do the  program don’t know (it was one of your free bonus modules), the emergency was maximizing recover for the next day’s session and that starts as soon as you come off the ice.

To tell the truth, it is something I have preached to the pro goalies for quite some time (and the over 40 beer league goalies too), but I wanted to see how these guys and gals would feel when we added just a quick restorative circuit to their day. 


The first day they obligingly wandered out of the dressing room looking like zombies to go and appease the crazy off-ice trainer.  They obediently followed the few drills I gave them and did a great job of learning and correcting their form so they were maximizing the benefits.  These were not your regular ‘goalie stretches’ they were a specific selection to maximize recovery.

The second day… they asked if we were doing it again with some enthusiasm, because they felt the difference.  They felt the difference getting out of bed in the morning and when they stepped on the ice.



You have to look for every single advantage if you want to excel.  The best way to prepare for tomorrow’s training, practice or games is to start the restorative process as soon as possible. 

In case you aren’t doing the program and if this idea of a restorative circuit is new to you, then here is more info and a quick sample circuit you can try >> CLICK HERE

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