Best Off Season Training for Kids – Goalie Training Q&A – 5.11.23

Welcome to your May 11th Goalie Training Q&A with Maria Mountain where there’s quite a few questions on what is the best off season ice hockey goalie training for kids (under 14 years of age).  You might be surprised!


Here are the questions and time stamps on what was discussed:

2:15       Listen in here on what Maria’s advice is on what off season training should be done for a 7 year old?

7:21       How do I prepare for Global ID camps?  See what Maria’s thoughts are on tryouts in general.  Also see:

13:27    How are Plyometrics used in your training programs?  Watch here as Maria explains how she incorporates them into her programming

15:49    Is here programming available that’s similar to Ultimate goalie training 2.0 and 3.0? See: Game Winning Goalie Formula

16:34    IQ Goalie what do you think about the Instagram account?

17:53   What are the reasons you don’t work individually with goalies under 14 yo?

20:53   Butterfly challenge app isn’t working on android.  Watch to see why and how else it can be accessed!

22:14  Beer league goalie (pretty serious) wondering whether they should bike or run for off season training.  Tune in here for Maria’s thoughts on goalie stamina