Beat The Pass | Become Quicker As An Ice Hockey Goalie

If you want to be one of those patient (some say boring) hockey goalies, you need speed, but it might not be the type of speed that you think of when you are doing your off-ice training.

When I ask hockey goalies from all levels (even pro goalies) what they are doing for their speed training, I typically get one of two answers:

  1. Nothing (this is the #1 response I get)
  2. I go to the track and do sprints and do “agility stuff”

Nothing wrong with going to the track and doing agility stuff, but that isn’t giving you the type of speed you need to hold your edges that extra split second on the break-away.  If you want to be one of those goalies like Freddy Andersen or Carey Price, then you need that quick crease speed.

You need to make quick powerful pushes – those pushes that move you just the 18-24″ inches you need to cut down the angle.  So if that’s what you need to boost your save percentage, if you ever feel like you are just a split second late or you bite too early on some shots, then check out these off-ice goalie drills.

If getting in and out of your RVH or butterfly is one of your biggest hurdles, then it could be your hip mobility that is limiting you, if you think that is more your issue (HINT: your knees or ankles probably feel like they are going to explode when you are in the RVH), then you should definitely do the Butterfly Challenge 3.0 – – just go to your app store and search “Butterfly Challenge” it is a free program I made for you – enjoy!

Catch you later – got another video in the hopper for you – – I am ON FIRE!!