Awesome app for tracking your hockey training & nutrition

Hey gang, I have an awesome app for you today that will help you track your hockey training and nutrition.  So whether you are trying to gain some weight, lose a few pounds or just hold steady, this will help you stay on track.

I have never been a fan of calorie counting, it is a pain the butt and not a very sustainable habit, but this really does make it easy AND it shows you where you are hitting the mark and where you are falling short.

I have this app on my iPhone, iPad and on my desktop, the account syncs between devices so I can add data from anywhere.  I am guessing there is probably a version for BlackBerry and Android as well, but I do not know.  If there is not an app for your device, don’t worry, you can still use the desktop version.  The app is called My Fitness Pal, let me walk you through how it works:

The audio during the second half is out – not sure why, sorry about that…

Have a great day gang – later this week I will bring you part one of my conversation with Product Manager for the goalie division at Warrior, Eric Marvin.  He brought some new 2013 gear that I cannot show you for a little while, but later this week I will show you the breakdown he gave of their goalie pads.