Assisted Hip Opener for Goalies

Next time you see a toddler, admire their squat pattern.

You will see them in a perfect balanced effortless squat without any training, warm-up, myofascial release… they don’t even think about it, they just do it.

That’s because the squat is one of our Primal Movement Patterns (I first heard this description from Paul Chek); it is hardwired into your nervous system.

But somewhere along the line, we lose it.

Remember that habit becomes posture and posture becomes structure.

What I mean is our habits, such as sitting, slouching, etc. become our default postures. Those default postures impact the length, tension and activation of your muscles and connective tissue.

… and we lose our precious squat pattern.

Just getting into that full squat feels like a full body workout for most of you… and a lot of you cannot even get close to this posture (with a neutral back – it doesn’t count if you have to round your back to get there).

So here is what I am thinking – if we learned to ‘forget’ this pattern; let’s learn to ‘remember’ it.

Use a wall, the doorway or your sweet backyard fence to help prop you up so you can at least find that posture.

HERE’s exactly what to do:


Even though you are using the wall (or fence) for support, most of you still won’t be able to get down into a good position. Do not try to force yourself into the proper position, that will be more stress on your hips and back – that is not the point.

If you have to force yourself into this position, then your body just isn’t ready for it yet and that is cool.

If you can get down there, then start with a 30-second hold and build up to 120 seconds, but you should feel pretty comfortable and relaxed in that position, it should not feel like 120 seconds of torture.


PS – if it does feel like torture or you just cannot get down there, then start with the Quadruped Rock Back instead. If you don’t know how to do that one either, no worries, here is how to do it >>