Hockey Training Talks: Anthony Donskov on workout mindset

Do you ever listen to a strength coach or trainer talk about the science of training and it sounds like they just memorized the textbook chapter and now they are barfing it all back at you?

Well, that is not Anthony Donskov.

Anthony is one of the most thoughtful hockey Strength Coaches I know and I don’t mean he always remembers to wish me happy birthday each year, I mean he does not just accept what he reads or hears as the truth.  He evaluates it… he asks “Does this make sense? Will this help the athletes I train?”

Then he tests it and either keeps it, tweaks it or throws it out.

Listen in as we talk about mindset heading into your training sessions to maximize results.

Anthony works out of Donskov Strength & Conditioning in Columbus, Ohio so if you live in that part of the world and you are looking for a strength coach who always has the athlete’s best interest at heart, then he is your guy.

Have a good on!