Another way to get rock hard abs

You know that I don’t really care about your six-pack abs.  My goal is always to make you strong and stable on the ice, but the core exercise I have for you today, just might help develop your six pack muscles and your obliques – so it could be a win:win for everyone!

Before I show you that, I wanted to let you know that the 28-Day Pre-Season Virtual Training Camp is a go!! Your response was awesome, so I have hustled and put together the first weeks workouts already – can’t wait.

For those of you who don’t know what it is – it is an online (so you can do it no matter where you live in the world) off-ice training camp for goalies who …

  • Are looking for every advantage heading into this season
  • Have been training, but are not really seeing that much of a difference on the ice
  • Have been a little late starting their off-season training

You know you that no athlete can get in the best shape of their life in only 28-days, but if you need more flexibility, speed and stamina so you can turn some heads when you hit the ice with your teammates in the next few weeks.

are all the details…

Light Up Your Torso With This EOTW

Okay, here is your new core exercise (great for shoulder stability too) – and remember if it is too easy for you, then you just need to push into the wall harder, but make sure your shoulders and hips stay level, you cannot side bend or twist in any way. Got it?

If you cannot see the video above, just click the link below…

How Many?

Start with 5x5s push on each side.  Like I showed you in the video, when it truly gets too easy, then try lifting your opposite leg – – that will increase the challenge.


PS – enrolment for the 28-Day Virtual Training Camp closes Friday, July 17th at midnight.