Another Hip Strengthening Mobility Drill For Goalies

Just to recap…

Mobility = Flexibility + Stability

This is why those goalies who just do static stretching to get a wider butterfly flare, deeper splits and more athletic movement in the crease end up frustrated because although they make marginal improvements, they never get a significant return on their investment.

Have you ever tried to play guitar?

You need to have the mobility in your hands to make the chords, but until you have the skill and control in those positions, you will never be able to play like Clapton, Page or The Edge.

Same for you and your hips.

So here are a couple new ones for you to try that will improve your mobility and strengthen the “rotator cuff” of your hip

Here’s how to do it…

Make sure you…
• Stay tall in your torso
• Make sure you are set up in the right position
• STOP if you are feeling pain in your hip joint. Your muscles may cramp and that is okay, I just don’t want you to feel pain in the joint.

That’s it!