Amp Up Your Training Heading Into Play-offs?


And this is why you need to keep up with your training year round and make sure you are doing the right things at the right time.

This is the message I got from a Dad whose sons is in the Next Level Coaching program (this is the small group coaching program I run for goalies and skaters on Facebook)…



“He is so comitted to the gym and hockey its ridiculous. It’s showing now that his strength is taking over in the playoffs when others who just do whatever the team does 1x a week are getting slower and weaker. Some kids have lost 10 lbs!!!”

Although I wish his entire team had done the right training during the season so they were all gaining momentum heading into play-offs, I am pleased to see this skater’s hard work paying off at the most important point of the season.

So should you go out and start training harder now because you are in play-offs (or heading into play-offs)?

Absolutely not! Hold the course.

If you have been working out during the season, keep up with that, but consider cutting back to only two sets of your regular gym routine and make sure the emphasis stays on strength, power and prehab.

If you have not been working out in the gym all season, now is not the time to start.

Regardless of the training you have been doing to this point, your focus should be on recovery. Do a good cool down stretch after your games. If you have access to a stationary bike, take a 20-minute flush ride (heart rate below 140bpm), which will feel like a very easy, relaxing spin.

If you don’t have access to a bike, then do your foam rolling and a good stretch.

Make sure you get re-hydrated ASAP.

Remember, a quick way to see if you are sufficiently hydrated is to look at the colour of your pee – – if it is the colour of pale lemonade then you are good to go (your first pee of the day will always be darker).

Good luck – even if you don’t need it, a little luck never hurt!


PS – A new Next Level training group is starting Monday, March 9th (it runs for four months) – I will send along all the details and the application for enrolment when I am ready to open the group, so stay tuned.  Probably it will be next week sometime.