All Star For February!

February All Star!

I could not be more happy for this month’s HTP All-Star, he has been with me a longtime, I consider him a friend even though we have never, ever met – I feel that way about a lot of you.

Adrian from Mexico City won our 28-Day Transformation For Goalies that we ran starting in January (the next one starts March 10th so stay tuned).

If you think you are too busy to workout, you need to look at Adrian’s schedule and a baby at home to look after – a lot of times he would be getting in his workouts late at night after a full day of work and hockey.

hockey goalie

February 2014 All-Star.

So here are the vitals…

During the transformation Adrian lost 7.7lbs and his teammates said he was playing his best games so far this year.

He was faster on the ice, which gave him more time to think strategically and be patient.

He has played goal for 20 years including time on the Mexican National Team which is climbing in it’s IIHF ranking.  As you can imagine, ice and equipment is hard to come by but he never let’s that stop him – he plays three days per week at 6:45am and then head’s off to a full day of work before squeezing in a late night workout.


Pads/Gloves – RBK 9k

Skates – RBK 7k

Chest Protector – Sherwood

Favourite Goalies:

  • favourite of all time – Mike Richter
  • current favourite – Jonathan Quick

So please join me on congratulating Adrian – you did an awesome job in the Transformation and were a terrific teammates to your fellow goalies over the 28-days.  I enjoy getting your questions and look forward to seeing where this adventure called hockey takes us next!


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