Agree or Disagree: Top 10 Hockey Training Songs

One World TradeWhat’s shakin’ so far today?  I am in NYC for a few days of vacation and then will be spending two days taking the PRI Postural Respiration course.  Not sure if you remember, but when I took the Myokinematic Retoration back in the fall, my brain almost exploded!  So we will see what happens this time.

We got into town yesterday morning and it was probably the smoothest trip ever.  Out of Toronto at 7am – landed in LaGuardia about 8:15am – our luggage was in the first four bags off the carousel, we got right into a cab and were into the city by about 9:15am.  Amazing!

We had a nice trek down to Wall Street, saw the new One World Trade Center building which is just breath-taking to me – it transforms the skyline and it reminds me of how resilient this great city is.  Now I am tucked away in the local Starbucks for a few hours of work before we head out on more adventures.

Top 10 Workout Songs…

Gonna keep it light today and share with you my top 10 workout songs (in no particular order) for your off-ice hockey training – some of them are classics, some of them you have never heard of – feel free to chirp my choices and tell me which tunes hit your top 10 list…

Big League – Tom Cochrane & Red Rider – um, it’s a classic if you are a hockey player and you cannot sing along to this song, you need to hand in your membership card on your way out of the arena

Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen – ‘nuff said

Until It Sleeps – Metallica – I love this one for interval training – ‘where do I take this pain of mine’

Titanium – David Guetta – what’s stronger than titanium?

In God’s Country – U2 – love the opening riff in this song – great energy …I think he sings the wrong words to the first verse in this version…

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons – ‘breathing in the chemicals….’

Help I’m Alive – Metric – great drum beat on this one to keep pushing.

Lose Yourself – Eminem – how can you not have this on your list?

Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys – you might not want to sing along with this one if you are a dude – but I am not ashamed to sing along and bust a move.

Lighters – Bad Meets Evil – Bruno Mar and Eminem are a great combo – if you haven’t heard it you need to download it – a few bad words in there though.

So those are the ones that come to me today – do you agree? disagree? have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.

Have an awesome day – ROCK ON!!

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