Actions speak louder than words

Are you 1/6 of the way there?

Today is the last day of February – two out of 12 months gone!  It feels like we still have a long stretch before the end of the year, when in actual fact – poof – 1/6 of the year is already gone!

So that means we should be 1/6 of the way to the goals we set for 2013 back just before Christmas.  I publicly posted my goals in this post for all to see.  It actually increases your probability of achievement if you share them publicly so let me see how I am doing so far…

  • Build Revolution Conditioning revenue by 8% – on track
  • Help 3,000 goalies take their game to the next level through my online training products. – not even close
  • Bench Press 115lbs for 2 reps – I have not been benching at all lately
  • Deadlift 225 for 2 reps – 30% of the way there – ahead of schedule
  • Run a 1:50 Half Marathon – have just been keeping up with running twice per week
  • Continue building toward my mission of helping 10,000 of you by building my email list with passionate, motivated and pleasant players. – growing, but too slowly
  • Learn to actually play 4 songs on my guitar – will be my next 90-day goal
  • Become competent in either French or German – practicing French with Rosetta Stone three times per week – actually had a dream last night where I was speaking French
  • Post three training blogs per week – bang on track
  • Read 30-minutes of either training or business related material every evening Monday-Friday – averaging only 3
  • Increase my retirement savings plan contributions by $2,600 this year. – need to make the call to my financial planner

So you can see that I am right on track with some, some I have not started and others I am behind.  My next step is to decide whether I need to adjust my goal, make a new strategy to achieve the goal or downgrade the goal.

At this stage, I am going to downgrade one of my goals.  On Friday evening we typically like to go out for supper or have a yummy dinner at home and watch a movie or something to kick off the weekend, I am not realistically going to read business or training books for 30-minutes on Fridays.  So I am going to downgrade that one to four times per week, which will still be tough as usually I have at least one evening with coaching calls or program design that I did not get finished during the work day.  So three times per week might be more realistic, but let’s stick with four for now.

I think the 3,000 product sales is a real STRETCH goal, but I am fine with that – shooting for the stars!

Now it is your turn – take out your piece of paper and see how you are doing, make revisions where necessary.  If you never did the original goal setting exercise, then read this post and get started!