A Simple Workout for Ice Hockey Goalies at Home or on the Road

Hey There Goalie Warriors!

In this episode of Goalie Training ProTV, Maria shows how ice hockey goalies can get maximum workout results with minimal equipment. Perfect for that quick at home off-ice training session or if you’re a goaltender traveling between games, this small space workout routine will make the most of a resistance band and mini-band to keep your body in-tune between practice skates and game times or after long trips on the bus.

If you can’t see the workout video above, watch on YouTube at Goalie Training ProTV.

Here’s the portable friendly goalie exercises to do when you’re at home or out traveling on the road. Starting with the first goalie superset:

  • A) Glider Reverse-Lateral Lunge: Foot on towel – 3 sets of 6 each (2020 tempo).
  • A1) Half Groin Oblique Reach and Row: With resistance band – 3 sets of 8 each (3011 tempo).
  • A2) Side Plank + MiniBand Clamshell: Keep that core engaged – 3 sets of 12 each (hold 3s).

Moving on to the second superset:

  • B) SL Lateral Quick Hop w BG Resistance (3 Count): Enhance your lateral agility – 2 sets of 4 each (Quick).
  • B1) Ecc/Conc Half Groin Adduction: Focus on your groin muscles – 2 sets of 8 each (3131 tempo).
  • B2) Tall Kneeling BG Row: Strengthen your mid-back and shoulders – 2 sets of 12 reps (2121 tempo).

Remember! This portable workouts don’t have to be perfect, the most important thing is that you get it done.  If you have questions or want to share your go-to mobile workout routine, check out Maria on Instagram.

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