A reminder about ‘The Perfect Time’

alarm clockAre you familiar with the work that Dr. John Berardi and his crew do over at www.PrecisionNutrition.com?  They are my go-to online source for athlete nutrition (they are like the hockeytrainingpro.com of nutrition :)).  I had a conversation the other day with someone about improving their speed on the ice and what it would take to really have an impact that their coaches and teammates would notice.

I laid out the steps he would have to take and his response was something like:

“This is perfect, it is exactly what I needed, I can’t wait to start! I will probably start this in mid-November because I have X…Y…and Z to do this week and then next week is A….B… and C… but after that, I should be good to go.”

I am pretty sure the humungous ‘Uuggggghhhhhh’ sound was only in MY head.  Anyway, we will see what happens with that guy, but in the meantime it made me think of this article (and the action steps) laid out in the article on ‘The Perfect Time’ from Precision Nutrition – it can be applied to any goal.

==>>  CLICK HERE to find The Perfect Time


PS – I am an affiliate for John’s programs because I think they are the best nutrition programs you can get anywhere.  I have known John for over 10-years and he is simply the best.  Having said that, you will see at the bottom of the article a link to join his Coaching group – this is an older article, he does not have a coaching group starting soon, this is not why I am sending you the article.