90 second fuel for your hockey training.

One of the things I see in about 60% of the hockey players I train is a lack of regard for their nutrition.  Even if you are doing 95% of the things right in your off-ice training, but neglecting your nutrition, you will not maximize your results.  Would you purposely invest in stocks that give you poor returns, just because someone told you to invest in stocks?

Then why would you invest your time and energy into your hockey training, but settle for a low return?

The most common reasons I get for players not eating properly are:

  • I wasn’t hungry – if this is  you, then try this breakfast (anytime) shake
  • I didn’t have time
  • I don’t know what to eat

So this very simple video will give you a very simple way to combat the last two.  It only takes 2-minutes, you only use one dish, you get a good source of protein and yes, if you must, you can add a little bit of cheese (a little bit).

FYI – because I know the curiosity is killing you, I DID heat up those eggs a few hours later and slap them on a piece of toast and mmmmmmmm – were they ever delicious.  Okay, maybe delicious is a bit of an over statement, but they tasted like eggs that had been cooked in the microwave and then heated up again and I am sure my muscles did not notice the difference when they soaked up that protein.

Have a great day gang!


Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint