9 Point Assessment For Goalies (limited time)

So while many of you were home in bed resting up for your New Year’s Eve festivities, I was at the Revolution Sport Conditioning studio taking advantage of the peace and quiet (not to mention the good light) putting this assessment for hockey goalies video together for you.  I am leaving it here for a limited time and then I will take it down and turn it into one of my free reports which requires you to enter your email to access the content.

So as always, I want you, my loyal follower to get first crack at it.

What Is It?

What I have put together for you is a little ‘screen’ or assessment for hockey goalies that you can do to see how well your body is prepared for the demands of playing goal.  Not to say that you cannot play goal if you flunk some of the tests – you see lots of complete junker cars on the road that are still driving around even though they are not roadworthy right?

What I want to highlight is areas where you could do better.  Areas that need improvement to both improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury.

Your goal is to pass every single test.  If you flunk a test, then you should spend some extra time working on that specific area – you will notice a difference on the ice.

The Tests…

I put together a video walking you through each test in this assessment for hockey goalies, watch it now to get an exact idea of how to score each movement…


  1. Foam Roll – tissue quality/mobility.  This is a subjective test, so if it feels pretty good, you pass.  If it is painful for you – flunk-ville
  2. Deep Overhead Squat.  This one is from Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen which is a comprehensive assessment tool that we use with all the athletes we train.  You will need to watch the video above to see how to do it, but if you can get all the way down without lifting your heels, rounding your back, letting the stick drift forward, you are above average.  If you can do it with your heels elevated 1 1/2 inches (set them on some magazines or a 2×4 block) then you are average.  If you still cannot get down there, then – flunk-ville
  3. Active Straight Leg Raise – another one from Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen – for this one if you can get your leg beyond perpendicular to the floor you are above average, leg perpendicular to the floor you pass, but if you cannot even get your leg perpendicular to the floor – – you guessed it – flunk-ville
  4. Prone Hip Internal Rotation – this is especially important for you if you ever go into a butterfly.  If you can make more than a 90 degree angle between your shins you are above average, if you can just get to 90 degrees you are average, can’t even get to 90 degrees – flunk-ville
  5. Same Side Superman – you may think it is impossible, but it is not (check out the video).  If you can do 3 in a row with perfect form and without touching down for balance, you pass.  If you cannot get 3 consecutive reps (on both sides) then – flunk-ville
  6. Push Up + Arm Lift/Superman – if you can do this with one arm and the other leg up on each side, then you are above average.  If you can do it with just the arm lift, but still maintain a stable torso, then you are average.  Cannot maintain perfect torso position with the arm lift, then flunk-ville
  7. Single Leg Squat To Tap – this is essential for goalies, you must have strength and stability in the legs/hips or you cannot maximize your effectiveness on the ice.  If you can do this perfectly – neutral back, good knee alignment, perfect balance and just a light tap, you pass.  If not – flunk-ville
  8. Lateral Hop for Distance – hop as far as you can three times each way consecutively.  Can you get the same distance each way or do you start to drift to your strong side?  If you get equal distance (on max effort) then you pass, if not flunk-ville
  9. Lateral Hop for Balance – same test as above, but this time we focus on your deceleration – can you stick the landing and balance for three consecutive reps, i.e. you do not put your other foot down at all, then you pass, if not – flunk-ville.

Your goal is to pass all of the screens.  This is not an evaluation where you are trying to get 50% to pass – a full passing grade is passing all of the tests.  If you flunk any area, you need to focus on fixing those deficiencies.

Here are some videos you may want to check out for each area:

Mobility Issues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1RQ0PWhXSM

Stability Issues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYLlDuyOaKY

Strength Issues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf3toXXySco

Power Issues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm-48J4lATo

Those videos should help point you in the right direction.  If you want or need more than a point in the right direction, if you want a step-by-step blueprint and the coaching support to guarantee your success, then do yourself a favour and check back here on Sunday for something BIG!  Huge in fact.  If you have been waiting to get your hands on the UGT – – this may be what you’re waiting for 😉

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See you Sunday.