7/28 Live Q&A – ACL Rehab, Slow Shots, Off-Season Training

Hey gang, Rachel here (Maria’s Super-Awesome Assistant!). If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Goalie Q&A this past Friday afternoon, fear not! I have the video for you right here:

In case you’re pressed for time today, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find them in the video:

Introduction | 00:00-03:20
Program for Youth Goalies | 03:20-04:20
Goalie Training Lab for Son | 04:20-05:40
ACL Tear Rehab Exercises | 05:40-09:27
Dealing w/ Slow Shots | 09:27-13:00
Specific Off-Season Programs | 13:00-17:11
Summer Training Suggestions | 17:11-18:10
Pad Rotation Issue Question in Goalie Training Lab | 18:10-20:23
Labral Tear Suggestions | 20:23-22:03
Goalie Training Lab Info | 22:03-24:42
Stretch Programs | 24:42-25:20
What to Eat for Breakfast? | 25:20-26:00
Tight Lower Back On Ice | 26:00-27:17
YouTube Channel | 27:17-27:48
Ukulele Chat | 27:48-29:50
Off-Ice Agility Workouts | 29:50-31:00
See Ya! | 31:00-33:48

Until next week…Rapid Response Rachel signing off!

PS – – if you want to find the secret spot where Maria runs contests to win cool GTP swag or have access to her latest training strategies and goalie specific exercises to give you an advantage over the competition, go to the Goalie Training Lab, the free private FB page she started just a month or so ago.  It is only for motivated goalies who are ready to take action and start playing to their potential, so if that sounds like you, the click on over and ask to join.  Tell ’em Rachel sent ya 😉