5 Ways To Break Out Of Your Rut Today

leg exercises for hockey

Rockin’ the bad aesthetic 🙂

I read every single email you send me, some of them pump me up, some make me laugh – like the one I got yesterday when one of you tried to forward the EOTW on to one of your friends, but sent it to me instead (tell you about that in a second) – some of them bring me down and frustrate me.

This is a funny story about the email I got yesterday that was meant for someone else – It opened with something like ‘ignore her aesthetic, her drills are actually pretty good’ – ha ha ha – guess that is what I get for deciding to just throw on my Yankees cap when I go to the gym at 5:30am on a Sunday to shoot videos for the week  🙂

This is the video where I am rockin’ the bad aesthetic.

Hilarious – thankfully my survival doesn’t depend on my aesthetic, but my training strategies.

Anyway, that one was funny.  I also got one that made me frustrated it was from one of you who rattled off a list of excuses about why you couldn’t do any of my programs to become the best goalie in your league (which is what you wanted more than anything apparently).

You told me flat out that you were stuck in a rut and you knew you weren’t playing up to your full potential. I won’t go into all the reasons the goalie listed (one of them was ‘going on vacation’), but it reminded me of the guy who wasn’t following his training programs because his Mercedes was in the shop!

I appreciate that it sucks to have no wheels, but I believe THIS is what they call ‘first world problems’.

There are athletes who live in countries where they do not have any shoes let alone cars and little in the way of food or clean drinking water, but they still develop some wonderful athletes.

I also know some of you have irreducible limitations at this time – a loss of a job, an illness in the family, etc.  These are big bumps in the road and I hope things turn the corner for you soon.

Having your car in the shop or going on vacation are not ‘big bumps’ and they should in no way stop you from striving for your goals and achieving them.

You have heard me say it a million times, you won’t all make it to the NHL, but you can all improve your game.  Check out the impact that following the FREE Butterfly Challenge had on one adult league goalie…

“I just finished my first season as a starter in a men’s B league. My ability to touch both goal posts in my butterfly has made ALL the difference in my save percentage. My recovery speed from the butterfly is due to your speed training techniques. I ended a 14 game season with 12 goals against, 9 shutouts and 1 loss. Best of all was the league championship ending in a shutout. The attached pic shows my “Big Man” Fish (Great D makes the difference too) trying to run the clock down to preserve the shutout. I am 48 now, and short of my wedding day and my 2 kids being born, this was the best day. Brian and his team have given me the skills, But you have giving me the ability to implement. As a side benefit I’ve lost 30 lbs.”

Now THAT is awesome.  So Matt – he is the goalie that sent this email has quite a bit going on, two kids, assuming a job – he is a grown up.  But instead of making excuses for ‘why not’ he is finding a way to do what he can do and it is paying off on the ice.

Look, my purpose isn’t to lecture you, but to make you aware of the lies you tell yourself.  I know you are busy, the truth is we are all busy (or we think we are).

So start with what you can do here are 5 ways to break out of your rut…

  • The FREE 20-minute goalie workout you can do anywhere – HERE
  • Here are some leg strengthening exercises you can do without any weights at all – HERE
  • 5-minutes of stretching per day for two weeks that you can get HERE this is the one Matt used
  • Hand-eye coordination and quickness drills you can get HERE 
  • The goalie specific workouts that are less than $15 HERE

So the first thing to do if you are stuck is pick one, even if you only do half of the exercises, start with something – like Matt you will see improvements on the ice, I promise you that.

The second thing I would like you to do is evaluate if you have real reasons why you are not playing as well as you could be (I know some of you do; many of you do not) or if they are excuses that you are telling yourself.

I believe in you, I know you can do it so this is why I got up at 4:30am to write this for you today (you would NOT be digging my aesthetic right now AT ALL).

Sincerely committed to your success.


PS – you never know ’til you try – just pick one and go for it…or don’t bother complaining about your play (or the play of your teammates) or how you are stuck in a rut.