4 Top Core Exercises | Hockey Goaltenders

Speed and stability are essential qualities for an ice hockey goalie as it impacts your ability to move quickly, maintain balance, and make explosive saves.  Check out the video below for four of the TOP core exercises to incorporate into your off ice goalie training!



If you can’t view the video above go directly to: https://youtu.be/imCveoBIe7c

Here are the core exercises demonstrated in this video:

1. Side Plank – from knees, from feet – – reduce risk of sports hernia 2-3 sets of 30s each – build to 90s from knees then go to feet

2. Rotary Core w Superband 2-3 sets of 6ea (3131)

3. Tall Kneeling SB Rotator 2-3 sets of 10ea (2121)

4. Table Top Activation + Extension 2-3 sets of 6-8ea (3030)


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