4 Off-Ice Goalie Drills For Double Knee Recovery

Try these NEW off-ice goalie drills.

Being able to pop from pads down back to your ready position can be the difference between an outstanding second effort save or a goal.  You do not need it that often, but here are four off-ice goalie drills that will help you have a better double knee recovery.

Keep the volume on these goalie drills low – load and intensity is the key – you do not need to work the endurance, you need to work the power.  So for the dynamic ones (the ones where you pop right up to your feet) keep the it to about 4 reps.  For the strength ones (the one with the plate and the band for example) you can go a little higher, like 6-8 reps.

As I mention in the video, you will not do all of these drills during the same workout, rather you will choose one or two and add them to your regular off-ice training routines.

Video Knee Recovery Off-Ice Goalie Drills

Hope you like ’em – happy training.

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