4 ??? Barbell Exercises For Goalies – Leg??‍♂️and Core Strength

4 ??? Barbell Exercises For Goalies – Leg??‍♂️and Core Strength

4 NEW Barbell exercises specifically targeting goalie leg and core strength. These are great additions to your off-ice training program.

You know we don’t do a lot of straight bar deadlifts anymore (here’s why ?https://youtu.be/eg-6vTJAarc) and back squats?? don’t even get me started (here’s why goalies shouldn’t back squat anymore ?https://youtu.be/kohuBzt1WSY) but there are some great barbell exercises for goalies that you’ve never seen before.

If you workout in a Globo Gym you have probably seen a barbell used in ways you never imagined – – I don’t want to talk about that. This vid is all about helping goalies get stronger legs and a stronger core.

Now you know how to use the barbell in a way that will actually translate directly to helping you on the ice.  You can bust them out next time you are in the gym and by the end of the week you will see other guys (and gals too) trying to take it for a test drive – not having any idea what it’s for, but they looked so ? they had to try. You’ll sort of be a “gym influencer” ?(remember where you heard it first – ha ha).

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