3 Movements Every Goalie Must Master (1b of 3)

So, if you are reading this, I am guessing your Deep Overhead Squat (DOS) wasn’t perfect. Not to worry, we can improve it, but it will take time. You have not used that pattern in a long, long time – we’re talking years, so don’t expect that after a week of stretching you are going to have a perfect deep squat.

If you see ANY improvement in the first week that is exceptional.

If you haven’t read part one of this series yet, make sure you do that now so you understand why we are doing this and what you need to look out for >> PART ONE

As promised, here are a few of the things you can do that should help you get deeper and make it feel more comfortable for you…


If you can’t see the video above, just click here > https://youtu.be/5mWqYDrNMB8

  • Active Dorsiflexion – 5x 5 second hold each side
  • Assisted Deep Squat (heels elevated) + breathing – 5x 1 breath
  • Heels Elevated Deep Squat + breathing – – 5x 1 breath
  • Butt To Wall + breathing – 5x 1 breath
  • Deep Squat + breathing- 5x 1 breath

Notice how this is a progression, you don’t do all of them every day. You will start working on your Quadruped Rock Back, Active Dorsiflexion and Assisted Deep Squat for a few weeks, then you will move on to the Heels Elevated Deep Squat + Breathing, Butt To Wall and finally the Deep Squat.

Not to sound like a broken record, but if you are working on these drills and not making any progress – like you still cannot get deep in your rock back without your lower back rounding, then you should get a sport physio or whomever you go to see for your sports injuries have a look and help you figure out why you are stuck.

They may be able to help mobilize the joint(s) involved and get you some more range or they may determine that your hips, ankles, whatever just don’t move like that and you need to focus on other areas.

Cool? Catch you later in the week to share the second movement every successful goalie must master (or try to).


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