28-Day Transformation Challenge to start 2017

Let’s DO THIS!!

Here’s the scoop – I know a lot of you are dreaming about how you are going to finally redefine your role on the ice.  You are dreaming about going from one of the average or even good goalies in your league and finally take the steps to become one of those goalies that even the other team talks about in the locker room; the goalie that teammates and coaches can rely on.

But I also know a lot of you will be getting back to the grind, you will vow to start next week, but then you have that unexpected assignment or overtime shift that chews into your time, so you will start next week…then it is February, then March, April, May… you get the idea.

If you DON’T want that to be YOU (again), then here is the solution…

The 28-Day Goalie Transformation Challenge

  • it starts January 4th
  • you must be registered by January 2nd
  • there are over $1900 USD in prizes for the winner

> here is all the info you need to get on board ==> CLICK HERE

ONLY FOR GOALIES 14 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER (younger goalies should start with the www.PuckBattleDomination.com – it is the program I designed specifically for 10-13 year old goalies and skaters).


PS – and don’t think for a second that you can’t do a challenge during the season.  You know I will give you the training you need to boost your SV% before February without burning you out or wearing you down.

PPS –  I will even give you access to the 3-Day January Jumpstart Blueprint that includes healthy recipes, mindset habits, goal setting worksheet, visualization worksheet and more.  But you must register by January 2nd.  Click here for more info – if it is right for you, you will know it.