20-Minute In Season Hockey Goalie Workout for Peak Performance

Have you hit a slump in your season as an ice hockey goalie?  It will often happen because you neglect your physical training while in season. Make sure you watch as Maria dives into a 20-minute in-season workout that’s essential for every ice hockey goalie looking to up their game. This isn’t just another goalie workout; this is your roadmap to playoff domination!



If you can’t view the video above then you can go directly to:  https://youtu.be/ZIdfJBaNTcU?feature=shared

Learn why in-season training is critical for maintaining and even improving your agility, strength, and overall ice hockey performance.

This video offers you a comprehensive at-home workout tailored for goalies. But remember, this is just a sample! You need variety in your in-season training every four weeks or so. Make sure to include specialized mobility and cardio based on your personal needs and ice time.

The exercises in this video include:

  • Bottom Up Single Leg Squat
  • Knee Down Skate Bound To Shuffle
  • Chin Up
  • Push Up To Stabilize
  • Rotary Core
  • Half Groin Hip Block
  • Alternate Single Knee Balance w Anterior Pull


Links to Boost Your Game:

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