20 Great Gift Ideas for the Hockey Player on your List!

With Christmas drawing nearer and given my mammoth posts last week, I thought I would make this one short and sweet.  If you don’t think a dolly will thrill the hockey player on your Christmas list (yep that is a photo of me from Christmas morning in probably 1974 on the left), here are my top 20 gifts for the hockey player on your list!

1.       Don Cherry’s Rock’em Sock’em Hockey – for the blood thirsty crowd

2.       Backyard rink – kick it old school this winter and keep hockey fun!

3.       Spare set of skate laces – nothing worse than yanking on your laces and hearing a SNAP!

4.       For the serious goalie in your life a copy of the Ultimate Goalie Training System

5.       New mouth guard – a good quality, properly fitted mouth guard can reduce the incidence of concussion.

6.       Water bottle that is squeezable (those hard plastic ones are impossible to drink out of with a cage on) and has an opening big enough for ice cubes (for your off-ice training).

7.       New elbow pads – I know a lot of the old boys/old girls who are playing beer league are still wearing their old Cooper elbow pads – get new ones!

8.       A copy of my friend Kevin Neeld’s  “Breakaway Hockey Speed” program – it is only $15

9.       Hockey equipment cleaning – okay, perhaps this is a bit of a self-serving gift, but it is best for all concerned.

10.   A nice protein/carbohydrate post workout shake – look for approximately 20g of Protein and 40g of Carbs.

11.   Some resistance bands to use for quick strength workouts at home or on the road.

12.   A 12-inch foam roller so you can do your self-myofasical release anywhere.  This size is small enough to fit in your hockey bag.

13.   For the forward or d-man on your list a free copy of the HockeyStrong Training program (limited time offer and does not include any of the bonus content)

14.   For the serious but very busy goalie in your life a copy of the Rapid Response Goalie Training System.

15.   A day off to spend with family and friends, just relaxing.

16.   His or her favourite jersey or a team hoodie.

17.   Tickets to the game as a special hockey date – a nice dinner and live hockey – that is a great gift!  If your local pro team sells out regularly like my Leafs do – you can always find tickets at StubHub.  I have used them to get U2 tickets and tickets to a NY Rangers game and have never had a problem.

18.   Stick handling ball so you can practice your skillz in the garage or basement.

19.   Net for shooting at home.

20.   New off-ice training shorts and t-shirt – my favourite brands are Nike or Under Armour.

Hope this gives you a few ideas anyway!  Have a great day.