2-Minutes With Hockey Canada’s Fred Brathwaite

As promised, here is another “2-minutes with…” video from the Network Goaltending Symposium a few weeks ago.

If you are getting scouted by Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, the NCAA, OHL – whatever… this is required viewing for you.

This time former NHL’er and current Hockey Canada Goaltending Consultant Fred Brathwaite took a few minutes to discuss what he looks for when scouting games – looking for the next Team Canada goalie.

Obviously the basics need to be there, but here are some of the intangibles.  You will see some similarities with what the other pro scouts look for that I told you about last week.

Here’s what Fred had to say…

If you cannot see the video above, then click the link below

Stay tuned for the next instalment when Dallas Stars Goaltending Coach talks about why he wants goalies falling down…


PS… if you are still doing the same workouts that helped you this off-season – you are making the #1 in-season training mistake I see players make.  Here’s how you should be doing it.