2 favourite performance apps

You know how technology can be so frustrating from time to time, you have to appreciate HOW amazing it is!  So many helpful options at the tip of your finger.

Here are two of my favourite apps:

Yeah, the screen on the phone doesn’t show up great, but you get the idea 🙂

  1. MyFitnessPal – this is my go to when I wan to track my nutrition, but you can also track your exercise in there.  I love the fact that I can scan the UPC code on grocery store sushi and it enters it right into my daily nutrition log.   I am not a proponent of counting calories or obsessing over food, but when I feel like I am getting off track or when I am traveling, it makes it easy to just do a ‘check-up’ for a few days to stay or get back on track.  Just like the 3-Day Nutrition Recall’s that I get my Turning Pro coaching clients to do.
  2. HeadSpace – this one surprised me for sure.  I have tried meditating before and have never been what I would consider successful.  I know one is not supposed to ‘judge’ the quality of their meditation, but I seriously sucked at it! I heard Tim Ferriss mention this on his podcast and thought, what the heck.  If you must know, one of my 60-day goals for January/February was to meditate for 10-days straight.  With the help of this app I did just that!  And “Yes” I have noticed a difference in being present and being aware of the chatter in my brain and how to dial it down…very helpful when I am trying to get to sleep many nights.

Give them a look and let me know what you think.


PS – As some of you know, my long-time assistant Karen has moved on to bigger and better things.  Any of you who had the opportunity to interact with her know how awesome she was, so there will definitely be a bit of a learning curve for my new assistant Deon, but don’t worry, he is a fast learner.  So when you email help[at]hockeytrainingpro.com – it will be Deon that you hear back from.