12-23-21 Live Q&A – “How to improve sliding on the ice?”

Hey guys, Kevin here with Maria’s Facebook Live Q&A incase you missed it.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, here’s the times we talked about each specific topic below:

1:15 – What to do for Christmas break when you can’t get on the ice?

2:50 – What are some good groin strengthening exercises?

7:35 – Is there a reason why some goalies end up on their chest when they try to make a desperation save?

11:45 – How to improve sliding on the ice?

18:10 – Have you ever worked with an athlete where you couldn’t believe the talent level they were at?

21:25 – any skate recommendations?

25:00 – goalie pad adjustments to save knees

29:10 – any advice for a AA goalie trying to make the jump to a AAA team

37:20 – How is Maria’s pad wrap holding up?

39:50 – What exercises do you recommend for an 11 year old goalies?

Thanks for tuning in to hear all of Maria’s great advice!