12/06 Live Q&A – Training Programs, Ankle Strengthening, & Injury Adjustments

Hey guys! Sarah here with this weeks live Q&A! If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Goalie Q&A on 12-06-2018, I have the video for you right here:


And in case you don’t have time to watch the whole video, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find them in the video:

Introduction | 00:00-02:04
I’m doing the BU2B program, how to do I do the inline lift and chop without a cable machine? | 02:04-05:37
What program should I do after the Butterfly Challenge? | 05:37-08:48
You previously suggested an IT band corrective measure but I can’t find the video now. Do you remember what it was? | 08:48-12:58
Do you have any exercises to strengthen ankles? | 12:58-19:04
What brand are your knee lifts and where can I buy them in the U.S.? | 19:04-21:12
A little about my program designs and expectations | 21:12-24:25
Can you answer my questions with a phone call? | 24:25-25:25
I see you wear shoes with individual toes. Is that just a preference or do you find a physical benefit to wearing them? | 25:57-28:18
Is a resistance band good to use for an 11-year-old? | 29:03-30:17
I put together some stretching exercises from your materials and now I feel a contraction in my adductors, should I feel that? | 30:30-32:18
Should I do your #movementmonday exercise with my healing MCL injury? | 32:40-34:35
Outro | 34:35-35:04
Hope you enjoy! Happy training! – Sarah