11-18-21 Live Q&A – “Goalie With Hip Issues, Interested In Sense Arena And Limiting Wear And Tear”

Hey guys, Kevin here with Maria’s Facebook Live Q&A incase you missed it.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, here’s the times we talked about each specific topic below:

1:00 – Supplements

4:50 – Goalie with hip issues interested in Sense Arena and limiting wear and tear

10:20 – looking for youth training options

11:25 – doing squats with a slanted surface?

13:35 – My shins are killing me the first 10 mins of a practice or game

18:20 – How to warm up in 3 mins on the ice?

19:45 – What stretches does Maria do on the ice?

21:17 – Being a goalie Parent – how to teach your young goalie.  – Question From one of Maria’s former athletes 🙂

27:55 – I’m 15 but I need to work on my strength with minimal equipment – what should I be doing?

29:03 – Can you give me any more exercises on strained muscles?

30:20 – What training do you do in person?  Having hip pain – what can I do for that?

35:25 – Do you have any post game suggestions?  Getting some soreness after playing

37:00 – Axis 1.9’s – how to keep the pad tied in?

Thanks for tuning in to hear all of Maria’s great advice!