10 Secret Habits Of Pro Hockey Goalies: #8 Hand-Eye Training Drills

Pro hockey goalies look after the big things AND the small details like hand-eye training or stick handling. Here are a bunch of goalie hand-eye drills that go WAY beyond the usual juggling – I’ll tell you why I don’t really like juggling for goalies.

Habit #8 – Hand-Eye Training

Here’s where you can get the Catchball – https://www.prolabsports.com/

Swivel Vision Goggles – https://swivelvision.com/

Lava Ball – https://amzn.to/3bu0gQV

Moon Ball – https://amzn.to/3ar7zbW

I know that will help if you do the work.  You only need 5-10 mins of this per day.  You don’t need to do hours of Hand-Eye per day.  We want to keep our nervous system fresh.

Happy training.