10 Secret Habits of Pro Hockey Goalies: #2 – STRENGTH

Secret #2 of this 10 part series and it is all about how pro hockey goalies do the RIGHT kind of off-ice strength training – – and how some still don’t. If you are stuck at home with the COVID-19 outbreak, I am deliberately making all these goalie workouts bodyweight training only or using minimal equipment so you can do them at home.

Habit #2 – Strength

As goalies get higher in their career they have to make the shift to building usable strength instead of just doing what looks good in the gym.  I’m looking at you Leg Press 😉

Goalies who don’t make that training shift will unfortunately get left behind.  You can make huge progress right now even while being locked out of your gym.  Let’s get started with this home strength circuit I have for you!

  • Pushup > 6-12 Reps (2 seconds down, 5 second pause at bottom)
  • Iso Row > 12 Reps (5 seconds then relax)
  • Sumo Squat > 6-12 Reps (hold 10 seconds at bottom)
  • Lateral Hop and Stick > 6 Each Way (stick and hold for 5 seconds)

There’s a full strength workout that is actually going to benefit you when you step on the ice.  You can even do it if you are stuck at home right now.

Happy training.